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Sathu Maavu|Breakfast Porridge Mix

Course Breakfast
Cuisine Indian
Keyword breakfast porridge mix, sathu maavu
Author Nithya


  • 100 gms Barley
  • 100 gms Wheat – 100gm Sprouted
  • 100 gms Ragi /Finger Millet Sprouted
  • 100 gms Green gram Sprouted
  • 100 gms Brown Rice
  • 100 gms Black gram
  • 50 gms Corn
  • 100 gms Roasted Gram
  • 10 gm Dry Ginger
  • 1/2 cup Tapioca Flour
  • 10 numbers Cardamom Seeds
  • 100 gms Peanuts
  • 100 gms Chickpeas Sprouted
  • 50 gms Cowpeas Sprouted
  • 10 gm carom seeds
  • 50 gms Cashew
  • 50 gms Pistachio
  • 50 gms Almond
  • 100 gms Oats Groats


  1. Dry roast all the ingredients separately one by one.

    Prepare flour using nutrimill / blender.

    Once you powdered the flour sieve it.

    If you find any solid peace collect it and powder it again in nutrimill/blender.

    Sieve it again.

    Once done, store it in an air tight container.

    No need to store it in fridge you can store it in room temperature itself.

  2. For Kids,

    Take 2 tbsp of this powder, Mix in 1/4 cup cold water and 1/2 cup milk.

    Dissolve it without any lumps.

    Keep this in stove and stir it till you get porridge like consistency.

    Remove it from stove and add a tsp of sugar and let it cool down for some time.

    For Adults,

    Take 2 tbsp of this powder and a cup of butter milk.

    Mix it nicely.

    Add salt and then consume it.

    In Instantpot- use PIP method

    Manual - 2 minutes,QR

Recipe Notes

If you are sprouting no dry roasting required for those ingredients.